The Quality Commission

The Quality Commission scheme is a public statement about confidence in the quality of private tertiary education providers’ services.

Set up by the New Zealand Association of Private Education Providers, now Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ), the Quality Commission is an independent body that provides a complaints resolution service for students - a free and easily accessible service that respects the rights of the student and the provider.

Providers belonging to the scheme set themselves apart from other providers, demonstrating they offer a quality training experience. The QC brand is the mark of a mature and responsible provider.

The role of the Commission is to investigate complaints received and issue judgements.

The Quality Commission currently consists of the following members:

Chair Person:
Dr. John Hinchcliff,
retired Vice-Chancellor of the Auckland University of Technology and Auckland City Councillor
Consumer’s representative:
David Russell,
ex Chief Executive, Consumers Institute of New Zealand
ITENZ representatives:
Sandra McKersey, Director, People Potential Ltd
Alastair Melvin, Director, Avonmore Tertiary Institute (Tauranga)